This influences

This influences It can be seen while traveling abroad we immediately feel Chu Jimi in a different environment!

And not only because of the language we can speak another language.

But we see around us another culture and relations of people, and now adapt, we begin to imitate them and behave as is customary in this environment, otherwise we feel uncomfortable.

This influences at us very much.

However, while the new generation must be more developed receives model is much lower and more primitive.

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Except all listed

Except all listed The last reception can also be carried out circularly small pillows of fingers, in zigzag fashion palm basis.

In the course of fingertype games much attention is paid to massage of fingers.

At it some types of grinding are applied circular small pillows of fingers, circular palm edge, helicoid palm basis, zigzag and rectilinear nippers.

Except all listed massage receptions, during games stirring and stroking of fingers are actively used.

Fingertype games Time, two, three, four, five Went out for a walk in a garden.

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By means

By means if once was taken on the right rotation of the case was to the right, at repetition of game have to take at the left.

Approximate length of a plate is cm, width is cM. Distance between the initial line and Stu scrap on which the flower, steps lies.

By means of this game the tutor develops at ty dexterity, ingenuity.

Children practise in balance.

Muscles of a back and a stomach become stronger.

Report get up Description of game The playing are under construction in two columns, at distance two steps one from another.

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Rules of the game

Rules of the game Game duration minutes.

Rules of the game Geese can fly home, and the wolf to catch them only after words So fly as want, only protect wings.

The wolf can catch geese on a meadow to border houses.

Instructions to carrying out game At the beginning of game the role of the shepherd carries out is sung tel, and then someone from children on his appointment.

It is necessary to mark out a wolf who caught pain to neck number of geese, and also those geese, which never were not caught by a wolf.

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One of playing

One of playing Sideways from the house a den of a wolf.

The rest the place is taken by meadow.

One of playing the tutor appoints paste hy, and another a wolf.

The others represent geese.

The shepherd expels geese to be grazed on a meadow.

Geese go, fly on a meadow.

After a while the shepherd calls them Geese, geese!

Having heard the shepherd's voice, geese stop and from vechat chorus Hectare, hectare, hectare!


Want to eat?


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